OddForge Dice Tower Review

Dice towers. Some players and GMs find this necessary, but I never have. Until now.

Table space seems to always be an issue for me. My tables tend to run with 4-7 players, usually on the higher end of things. Space for paper, books, dice, drinks, etc., always seems to be limited. Dice towers simply add to the clutter, from my experience, and I have never had the problem of losing dice at the table, which seemed to be the major appeal of dice towers.

Then I saw this.

A 3D printed plastic dice tower that clips onto your GM screen. Yes, you read that right. It hangs there, perfectly, on your GM screen. It is accessible if you leave your dice in or on it you always know where they are, and most importantly it doesn’t take up any extra table space.

The dice tower itself took under two weeks to be printed and shipped to me in Canada. Fairly quickly, from my experience with international orders from Etsy. I choose a rather bright purple colour. The colour options were varying and I loved a lot of them. After purchasing it, I slid it onto my regular D&D DM screen. It slid on like a dream, a perfect fit.


I would argue that people with individual GM screens might have difficulty here as it was a perfect fit for mine. But if yours is wood or rather thick in design, you may have to bend the plastic to make it a snug fit, and I feel that might ruin the integrity of the tower. Yet, for 3D printed plastic, it seems solidly built and I’m unconcernedly tossing it in my usual D&D to-go bag.


The biggest issue I have seen with this dice tower is its size. But its size is necessary so as not to pull the GM screen down. Regular dice sets if rolled in their entirety (when do we ever really do that anyway?), will not fit. However, simply setting your dice down in a corner of your screen and using them as need be works just fine. I know many players and GMs prefer to have their dice sitting in the bottom of their dice towers for easy access, though. This will not work with this tower, even with mini dice, as they are difficult to pick up individually if all are sitting in the tower. I also wouldn’t roll heavy metal dice with it, afraid that too much weight will knock it over.


All-in-all, I am incredibly pleased with this dice tower. It really does help save space and I line my mini dice on the top of it sometimes, if I can be precise enough in knocking them down. Otherwise, they take up very little space behind the screen and the rolling is easy. Really, quite a space saver and for only $20 CAD (yes, CAD, so even cheaper for my American or European friends!), it is certainly worth the buy to try it out and see if it’s right for you! OddForge has a variety of 3D printed additions to your tabletop games. To check out the dice tower or any of their other products please see here.

(Shout-out to my still favourite dice bag by GreenLeafBaby, read more about it here.)

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