Green Leaf Baby Mini Glitter Dice Review

The ever-growing obsession with miniature, petite, adorable dice continues. They’re perfect for traveling, carrying light, holding all of them successfully in your hands without fumbling around and dropping them all over the floor. Not to mention, if you buy dice bags, you can fit twice the amount of sets in them if you use mini dice instead of regular sized ones!

One of the biggest, immediate gripes with miniature dice is their readability. If I am, to be honest, I can read my miniature sets far more easily than my regular sets. Even when they are simple, solidly coloured. Perhaps that says more to the manufactured nature of the miniature sets I currently own. However, this new set is no exception.

The dice offered in Green Leaf Baby’s shop are immediately easy to read. They fit in the palm of my teeny little hobbit-hands without issue and are the smallest set I have acquired to date. Small things are adorable in my opinion, so I immediately fell in love with them.


The fact that these dice were purple and had a flair for glitter simply added to their appeal. After using them, I found they were balanced and did not take notice of any irregularities.

Unfortunately for myself, I had also recently purchased a space-saving dice tower which I absolutely adore using. I shouldn’t have picked purple and purple! It was certainly a struggle reading my rolls with these two colours combined at the table. Better planning on my behalf is needed next time.


The best thing about these dice is that they come at an incredibly low price, $5.50USD/set! It’s always so hard to not binge on especially adorable and glittery dice when they’re so cheap and accessible!

If you are looking for new mini dice, you definitely need to check out Green Leaf Baby’s newest collection of them! So many glitters! When you’re there, check out her amazing dice bags. You can get them compartmentalized or not (if you’re like me, you NEED to sort your dice!).

The customer service with Green Leaf Baby is always incredibly reliable, fast, accurate, and pleasant. And, if you’re a geeky parent like me, she also sells fantastic handmade infant accessories that are softer than a newborn and fulfill your nerdy needs!

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