The Dwarven Shop Spellbook Review


Never have I been a fan of dice trays unless they’re convenient and being used to roll metal dice. Typically, my metal dice aren’t my friend so I use my very lightweight, mini metal dice or my normal plastic polyhedrals. However, when I set my sights on The Dwarven Shop’s Spellbook dice tray and organiser, I thought it could be quite practical to try-out.

It arrived in the mail incredibly fast, especially considering it had to cross the border. Less than a week and the customised spellbook was at my doorstep, and with a quirky message on the box, too. Hell, the more customisation that goes into the package, the better.


I was quite excited to open up the box, only to find a nice little surprise from The Dwarven Shop which I had not ordered. Love it when sellers, especially those who handmake their products, add even more individuality to their orders. Bonus, it was a dice set like none I currently had! Perfect addition to my ever-growing-hoard.


Finally, let’s get down to the product itself. On first appearance, it seems nice, unique, and custom. And it certainly is all of those things upon closer inspection. The materials, primarily the gluing of them, are a bit cheap and I’m a bit concerned about the velcro open/close of the spellbook as it feels like it’s going to give way sooner rather than later. For future production, I would thoroughly recommend a different clasping, metal close to ensure the longevity of the product.

I do most certainly enjoy the custom initials on the book itself, makes it more mine than a mass-produced product. Also, I’m one of those odd individuals who just adore seeing my initials on my stuff. If I could monogram everything, I would.

Let’s get down to the product itself. Inside of the spellbook, I enjoy the general look and feel of it, including the art on the side. The dice tray is functional and I tested it out with all of my dice and it muted metal ones just enough that you could still enjoy their clunk without it being too loud. It was also large enough that I could fit four sets in the tray in each of the corners and have plenty of room to roll in the center, allowing me to switch between sets during the session. This is personally important to me as I often do this.

The tray the dice tray is under is removable. What I don’t like about this is that it is slightly too small for pencils at the top (and I’m talking mechanical pencils so don’t even think about fitting regular pencils in there). I was able to fit the pens I tend to use in there, however. Another gripe I have with this tray is the smaller compartments are slightly too small to fit a regular polyhedral plastic set. To me, all I need is my dice, a mini, and pencils as a player. DM is different, I fit my Tarokka deck in the middle compartment perfectly. My miniature dice sets could fit in the smaller compartments, and a normal set fits in one of the larger compartments. I guess the smaller compartments are much more suited for things like erasers, pencil sharpeners, and miniatures.


Another design flaw would be…where do you put the top in play? It takes up twice the space as it normally does when closed and not in use. My issue with this is most tables I sit at are very desperate for more space. My suggestion would be to get a deep in-set on the other side of the book as well, then a small cover for the compartments so that the materials don’t fly around.

Of course, all of these additions would rack the cost up quite a bit, this I understand, and would also most certainly change the incredibly fast delivery time of the product. Overall, for the price I paid for the product, I would say it is absolutely worth it. As a player, I would absolutely bring it to sessions with me. As a DM, I would likely not as there would be no room behind the screen to put it.

If you’re interested in checking out the Dwarven Shop’s Spellbook for yourself you can find them for sale here!

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