Ladies Slaying Dragons

Ladies Slaying Dragons Episodes

Don’t forget to stay tuned at the end of every episode for a short audio story!

Episode One

Join us for our first Episode of Ladies Slaying Dragons. Get to know your hostess’ Mysty, Kienna, and Kili! We talk about how we were first introduced to Tabletop RPGs and our current on the table adventures.

Episode Two

Join us this week as we discuss the evolution of Dungeons & Dragons from 1974 till 2014!

Episode Three

A round table discussion with our guest, Hannah (@stopthtoldwoman), about inclusion and gatekeeping in the tabletop gaming community.

Episode Four

Join us this week for a discussion about character creation, character backstory’s, and tropes.

Episode Five

This week we’re discussing the three hardcover adventures of 5e: Tyranny of Dragons, Curse of Strahd, Storm King’s Thunder

Episode Six

Grant Ellis, Master GM and storyteller, joins us tonight to discuss the homebrewed worlds and the process of how he creates them.

Episode Seven

Adventurers League versus Homebrew. What’s the difference, what are the pros and cons, which do we play and prefer?

Episode Eight

Player conflict. Often times inevitable, but manageable. Have you ever experienced conflict at the table, and how did you handle it? Join us this week as we discuss our own experiences with conflict and how to overcome it.

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