Elven Dice Review

“Neat dice!” is honestly a phrase I say every time I see somebody’s dice set or collection. It doesn’t matter if they’re plain Chessex dice or expensive blacksmith dice or origami dice, I love them all.

But some dice are more equal than others.

Some dice conneseiurs like myself really indulge in a set that looks individual and brings a flavourful flair to playing D&D at the table. This particular dice set would definitely fit into this category.

I received the Ice Red Elven dice from Dark Elf Dice (Found Here) and was immediately in love with how they looked. Expertly made, they definitely fit the need for me to bring my individuality to the table. I love the elven written alongside the numbers, bringing them their flair.


However, upon using them in actual gameplay, I quickly realised how difficult they were to read at a glance. I think this could be easily rectified by purchasing a solid version of the Elven dice such as any of the opaque sets. The iced sets all appear to be difficult to read, with the exception of the classic ice set, but even still it might prove a challenge to anyone hard of seeing.

While playing a game in reality I prefer to have quick and easy to read dice and in comparison to an easier set, I think it’s simple to see that these dice are not that.

IMG_7200  If you want a set simply for the way it looks, I definitely recommend the Elven dice! However, I don’t enjoy using them in practical play. They are too busy on their surface and add to the process of determining dice rolls in an unnecessary way.

Otherwise, they feel nicely weighted, much like an average plastic die, and seem to roll truly randomly and are quite balanced.

I definitely keep this set in my dice bag to show off, but they don’t come out to play very often!

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