EleMetal Mini Dice Review

Previously, I’ve expressed my adoration of miniature dice sets (Dark Elf Mini Dice), and how they’ve quickly become my favourite set to roll with. Due to an amazing individual paying it forward to me, I was able to receive a gorgeous set of metal miniature dice.


These are called Mini Zucati EleMetal Aluminum Dice in Petal Pink…but let’s just call them EleMetal minis. At first arrival, they were packaged with a thick plastic case that was small but durable to ensure they wouldn’t get harmed during delivery. When I took them out I was immediately in love – and thoroughly surprised!

The set itself is incredibly light for metal dice. Especially when comparing them to my full-sized metal dice, they feel nearly weightless. To some, this is a positive, others a negative. To myself, it has both pros and cons. For once, I have a set of metal dice that I can actually roll on other’s tables without a dice tray without being concerned about damaging the table or being too obnoxiously loud! On the other hand, I always prefer heavier dice sets. It’s a simple personal preference, though.

EleMetal minis appear to roll rather balanced. One of the oddest things about the set, however, was the fact the d20 is the smallest die. This struck me as odd but simply because I am used to d20’s being larger.

Another unique thing regarding this set is how the d4 is designed. Its corners are all chopped off to be flat, unlike the caltrops most tabletop gamers are used to. I have found I actually prefer this.


The dice themselves are smooth with very nicely crafted edges. They have a slightly speckled look about them when you observe them closely – it is likely they were sandblasted to create this. In general, I definitely appreciate the way they look.

Their readability is also quite high. Despite being miniature dice, they are easier than some larger sets to read. Each number is clearly engraved on the metal.

EleMetal mini dice are actually slightly bigger than my 10mm mini dice set from Dark Elf Dice, by about 1-2mm. As long as they’re smaller than regular sets, I’m still pleased with their size. Making them smaller I could understand would be difficult with the materials.


Lastly, let’s touch on their price point…

…they’re definitely a set for indulgent collectors. Not as expensive as artisan dice, but nearly there, they ring it at around $130 Canadian per set. Are they worth the price? That depends on how much you enjoy dice collecting. Personally, I wouldn’t have bought them as much as I desperately wanted them (and I did!). With more of a disposable income, I definitely would have.

All-in-all, I do love this set of dice and I can easily see them becoming my second favourite next to the mini dice set from Dark Elf Dice. Being incredibly easy to please, I especially enjoy the way they clink together in my dice bag unlike the loud clonk my heavier metal dice make.

If you’re interested in Zucati’s EleMetal dice, you can check them out here. Zucati also makes dice boxes and polished plastic sets of dice so I do highly recommend checking them out regardless if the EleMetal are too expensive for your tastes!

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