Greyed Out Dice Bag Review

My name is Mysty and I have a problem. I cannot control myself when it comes to purchasing dice. There is something about a polyhedral set that is just so aesthetically pleasing. Something about the different combinations of colours, or swirls, marbled, halfsies, gemstone, wood…I just want them all. Every shade, every colour. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but toting my dice to the LGS is. I can never decide which sets I want to use for the evening until I’m sitting at the table, it’s just too hard. And I simply cannot pick favourites.

That’s when my search began. The search for a dice bag that could accommodate my need to bring 15+ dice to the LGS shop with me every single week. A lot of people suggested craft organisers, which I did indeed use to use, but I don’t like the rigidness of them nor how I needed to carry them.

The option of one giant, open bag was also not for me. I can’t stand to see a big bag of loose dice. It feels as though I’m looking into a bag of people trying desperately to find their friends while wading through a crowd. So, I found that not any dice bag makers even had attempted such a large, pocketed dice bag before. That’s when I contacted Greyed Out. I’ve always loved his dice bags, especially their shape and the fabrics he had available, so I asked if such a large pocketed dice bag was possible.

To my delight, he responded “It’d be a really cool project for a custom bag! I think I might be able to figure something out!” And then he started to it.

It was a process, but one he kept me involved in every step of the way. I was forewarned since this was his first attempt there would be some trials and failures. I was excited, though. I picked my fabric (based on the lovely Dyson Logos maps) and I waited for updates on the process of figuring out this new, monolithic, organised dice bag.

A few weeks in, I was sent pictures of the first failed attempt. However, with it, he provided, excitedly, a way he believed he could make it work. My giant organised dice collection was closer to a reality! Then, he did it! I was so elated.

The dice bag itself took only a week to reach my doorstep from his (remember, international). And when I got it I was over-excited. After examining the fabric (thick, sturdy and accompanied by very sturdy strings to keep the dice secured within the bag when full), I immediately stuffed it with my favourite sets.

It was perfect. So perfect. The pockets are, immediately, a bit of a struggle to get into (especially the first row, the second, inner row is much easier) when it is full. However, if you left it to only 10-15 sets in the bag, it makes retrieving and putting the dice in very easy. I, however, currently have my Greyed Out Dice Bag full with 21 sets (with still some room at the open bottom of the bag). The bag itself is actually only built with 16 pockets and then an open middle/bottom area. I personally doubled up on dice I always play together in some of the pockets.

The best thing about this dice bag, other than the beauty of organised, flexible and larger scale dice carrying, is that it closes nicely and neatly. I don’t have to fear my dice falling out of place or even worse out of the bag without my notice. It is also incredibly affordable, especially for the wide range of fabrics you get to choose from.

I definitely recommend checking out Greyed Out’s wide variety of dice bag options. Whether or not it’s a pocketed, small, large, or open dice bag you need, he has everything to fit your dice hoarding needs. The fact he was able to complete my offbeat request makes me so excited and happy to finally have a bag that meets my needs!


Keep Calm and Roll On…In Organised Style

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