EmbroiderWood Dice Tray Review

The thing about dice trays is that they take up space. I’m unsure what other people’s gaming tables look like, but mine always appear to be quite limited with the space they afford to their players and especially their GMs. For this purpose, I have never really felt a desire to own a dice tray except for when rolling metal dice.

Then I saw a post of a customized dice tray. It was beautiful. Embroidery combined with wood-working? Sign me up!

This is exactly what EmbroiderWood does. They are a fantastic team of crafters and I approached them with a want of a personalized dice tray. What my desire was was a very, very pink dice tray that was as fabulous as I felt while rolling my favourite sets of dice. Not only that, but I wanted to show my pride and represent my orientation of pansexuality, something I feel is grossly misrepresented in the TTRPG community (my thoughts on that are to come next week). So I asked if they were able to embroider a d20 with my faux initials in the colours of the pansexual pride flag.

Immediately, they admitted they did not have the thread for those colours but would reach out to their suppliers to see what they could come up with. They then offered a solution that was perfect if the suppliers did not come through. This immediate customer service, as well as them being so upfront about their possible limitations, is the type of transparency I love to see in companies, small or large.

During the day, they had discovered the materials that fit my needs and their alternative wasn’t even necessary, though it was greatly appreciated. They set to work on it immediately and within the night my dice tray was already built (though not yet embroidered). The speed at which the company worked not only impressed me but the constant updates with pictures and explanations of their processes were rewarding.

Honestly, ordering this dice tray felt like an experience and not just a purchase. I was allowed to follow the tray every step of its journey and Embroider Wood kept me constantly updated with my tray. Just over a week after ordering it, I received it in the mail.

I was so in love at first.

It was pink. Very pink. Exactly what I wanted. It was also accompanied by a beautiful thank you card with a handwritten note. There’s nothing I love more about receiving mail than when it includes a handwritten note.

The embroidery on the bottom of the tray is impressive. Very expertly stitched and it provides the perfect protection for the dice I roll and the tray itself. The quality is fantastic and I am unconcerned of the material holding up over time as I thought I might have been.

It was love at first sight. Embroider Wood not only make quality products, but ordering from them is an experience all on its own, and their ability to customize their product is something I have not seen yet from many dice tray companies. The quality, expertise, and end results are well worth the incredibly reasonable price of their dice trays. I highly recommend checking out this company’s legendary dice trays.

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