Silverwing Armoury Notebook Review

Perhaps I’m the odd one out, but one of my worst qualities of being a D&D player or DM is that I take wretched notes. As in, I usually don’t write a single thing down the entire session. Attempting to rectify this has resulted in the messiest, most disorganized notes I have ever seen.

I’ve been searching for a cost-effective and tidier way for me to organize session notes as a player specifically for a while now. Then I came across Silverwing Armoury and their products. Among them were campaign notebooks, and I won’t lie when I say what immediately peaked my interest was their affordability in comparison with all other campaign notebooks I have seen.

Once ordered (at the cost of $22 CAD for three notebooks), they were shipped incredibly fast and ended up at my doorstep within two business days. I was impressed!

I also snagged a Dungeon Mistress tee, because I absolutely had to. The design is so simple but elegant I loved it as soon as I saw it. The order came with a sticker, a personalized note (those are always the best, aren’t they?), and I love the stitched in the personalization of the tee itself. It just goes to show that the shop pushes the extra mile to be more unique for their customers instead of just a reproducer. IMG_7617.JPG


The three campaign notebooks are all paperback and consist of 60 lined pages each. They are all also unique to themselves and their design. The pages are relatively simple, lined, with a small box for numbering them as well as a contents page if you are putting more than one campaign in the same notebook, which would be handy.

The covers themselves are thick card stock to ensure better protection and durability of the books themselves. This also makes them flexible and less rigid than harder covers, however, that also means they can be bent and broken in the right circumstances so it’s important to store and travel with them with some care and consideration.

My favourite, immediate thing about these notebooks are the customizations. The shop spent the time to customize each journal cover and interior covers with thought. They provide a backstory to each of the designs and some information which just enriches the notebooks altogether. IMG_7619

Though I won’t share all of the inserts of information, so you can enjoy them yourself when you decide to pick some up (you really should, especially for their cost-effectiveness!), I will share my favourite one. The fact the interior is designed from a personal hand-drawn map of the shop owner just makes it feel so special. I really loved this.

The interior covers themselves all differ based on the notebooks you personally order, however, the index are all the same. Above you see a sample of Rita Skeeter’s journal and dragon scales. The dragon scales are my second favourite after the personalized D&D map.

The simple layout of the index and the book itself (lined, unnumbered pages with boxes for you to number however you see fit – maybe with codes of sessions, modules, or campaigns?), makes the notebooks accessible as well as their lightweight qualities.

The only gripe I have with these notebooks whatsoever is that the covers are cardstock so when you open them and begin writing in them, they will not close fully afterwards. As well, when they are open, they won’t stay perfectly open unless you are waiting down the front, just like any other paperback which closes without being kept open. However, this is a simple sacrifice for the fact is having them made in the durable materials that they ensure accessibility and incredibly cost-effective campaign notebooks.

I highly recommend checking out Silverwing Armoury and all of their products but especially their wide range of campaign notebook options for your next TTRPG game.

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