MageStudio Dice Jewelry Review

To me, there is one thing better than collecting hoards of dice. Having pretty dice jewelry. I know, superficial, but I adore it. However, most of the dice jewelry is quite the same and easy to replicate yourself (at least I found so).

Then I found Marlena’s shop. I was immediately entranced by the selections of jewelry offered. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, all of the usual stuff, but the style and materials and dice themselves were all incredibly unique on their own. Seeing pictures of customers with their jewelry on, it was all something so identifiable as Marlena’s work, not to be confused with other dice jewelry artists.

I spent hours cruising her shop, trying to pick the items I wanted to purchase and it was entirely a difficult process. Not because of accessibility of her items but just because I wanted every single one I saw. Eventually, I decided upon a set of simple d10 earrings and a d20 druid necklace.

Once ordered, the processing and shipping of the items took only about two weeks, which is fairly good timing in my opinion from Poland to Canada. As it arrived, I was excited. Then upon opening the package, I was impressed.

Each set of jewelry came in their own, white boxes which were sturdy and cute. Marlena also sent a handwritten note, card, a surprise d6, and some Polish candies. The personal touches in the shipping really make the experience all the better. I love knowing how each individual shipment has a bit of Marlena put into it, it’s so much more enjoyable than ordering factory processed jewelry.


As for the jewelry itself, let’s start with the earrings. I chose mini blue d10 earrings, in hopes that it wouldn’t be too heavy for my ears. They were light, simple, but pretty and exactly what I expected. The earrings themselves seem sturdy, well crafted, and I love the earring hook as it seems a lot higher quality than a lot of earrings one would by at even a local store.

These earrings totaled $16 Canadian. I would say for the individual crafting, the mini die itself, and the jewelry pieces, that this is fair. There are more expensive earrings you can find in her shop made of elven dice which look quite exquisite themselves! Marlena also creates Forest Earrings that sell for twice the price but are a lot more intricate, my only decision against those is that they would be too heavy for my ears personally.


Lastly, we come to the d20 necklace. This is what had drawn me to Marlena’s shop, MageStudio, in the first place. I had seen several customers wearing it and was immediately obsessed with the design. It looked gorgeous in all of the pictures.

In person, I was not let down. Well crafted, sturdy and durable, incredibly unique, and beautiful. It cost $38 Canadian which in my opinion is more than worthwhile. As I wore it to my local game store the day I got it, I received so many compliments and inquiries on the necklace itself. What I really liked about ordering this necklace was the chain length options as there were so many so you could order it long or short. I always prefer short necklaces, being so small myself, so was pleased I could order one that worked for me without any adjustments.


There are also multiple dice and chain color options for these necklaces to suit your style. Marlena also makes and sells crystal dice jewelry, steampunk styles, wire dice jewelry, bracelets, and so much more. Every single piece she sells, though, is so incredibly unique you just know that it was her that made it when you see it. I love the personality that goes into all of her pieces.

If you’re as in love with dice and jewelry as I am, I highly recommend taking a look at MageStudio found here. You won’t be disappointed, but your wallets might be.

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