Torchlight Candles Bleeding Fantasy Candles Review

Want to add a little oompf to your campaigns? Why not some actual, physical decor to your game table?

I’ve always been a big fan of tabletop related decorations and visuals. Whether it be dice, pictures, dragon adorned boxes, mimic dice bags, having them around the table really puts me in the mood to play. Torchlight Candles has created something I was very excited for when I heard about it. Bleeding Fantasy Candles!

These aren’t your average candles. They are 3D printed and burn at a rate of 1-4 hours (depends on which design), and shaped like some infamous fantasy creatures or objects. There are only a few select designs, for now, however, I have high hopes for the future of their options for colours, scents, and shapes. I would love to see some mimic candles, personally!

When Torchlight Candles told me they were shipping out a set of three to me, I was expecting to wait a few weeks for production as well as shipping (the UK to Canada). Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when the shipment arrived at my doorstep in one week. One week! I was incredibly pleased with this, I’ve never experienced faster shipping from a small company, before. Not to mention, their packaging was on point, and who doesn’t love stickers to go along with it?

Torchlight Candles and myself worked together on coming up with a scent for my candles to match one of my current campaigns. It was set in Hell. So, naturally, Hell smells like brimstone, soot, and fire. Not the most pleasant of scents, but it really helps you to immerse in the setting when you can actually smell where your characters are.

Now, the bleeding effect of the candles appears to be a bit more random. One candle was dyed completely through red, bled out white (it was designed to do this). Another was white and bled out small amounts of red, not as effective as the red candle. My barrel, however, took a long time to burn but when it did it certainly bled more than the others. However, they all still did their desired effect in the end.

Recently, Torchlight has begun to add metal dice to their candles as well. I think this really improves the desire to get them. There are multiple benefits of the candles now; visual aesthetic, scent immersion, and dice!

For spicing up your decor and immersion during your home games, I would certainly recommend them. Their styles are rapidly expanding so I’d always check in to see what new things they’re coming up with!

You can find Torchlight Candles here.

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