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Dice Box of Many Things Review

Yesterday I was incredibly excited. They finally came!


For months now I’ve been obsessing over Artisan Dice and their variety of beautiful wood dice. I am not a fan of their ivory and bone collections for personal reasons, though I can admit they are quite aesthetically pleasing.  Finally, during a twitter conversation wherein @liqquidfire shared her beautiful set of Artisan Dice with me, I decided to cave.

Much to my appreciation, Artisan Dice offers something called The Dice Box of Many Things where I could finally achieve owning a set of their dice from much less of a cost than they normally are. Reigning it at $103.00, an individual will receive a set of 10 dice consisting of 1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d12, 1d8, 4d6, & 1d4 as well as a bonus 1d20 from a random, wooden assortment. The set is still made with exotic woods, though which wood you receive will be up to the crafters.

One of the best parts of purchasing The Dice Box of Many Things instead of their regular sets (aside from the surprise when you receive them) is the fact they are ready to ship! I placed my order a week ago and received them yesterday. This made me a very happy Mysty. For others who wish to purchase a specific set of Artisan Dice, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to compile the order – understandably.

As I unpacked it, I was excited by finding the type of wood my dice would be made of. Yucatan Rosewood. Here’s to hoping they looked and felt as appealing as they sounded.


The dice sets come in their own fitted containers (the bonus d20 had a container of its own). These are certainly handy for travel without having to worry about your new, expensive dice clashing around. I attempted to contact the company immediately following my order to also order a wooden box as well (as they are not listed but they do sell them alongside other dice sets) but unfortunately, the e-mail was never returned. Even still, these dice containers are perfect fits for what they hold.


As soon as I opened the container – I was in love.

Beautiful word, likely cut with a CNC machine, the numbers of the dice burned in. They were all smooth, clean-cut, and much lighter than you would expect them to be. Be warned, the d4 is especially caltrop-y.

Being a personal preference for enjoying heavier dice, their light weight for me is a setback – but likely not for other players. It really depends on what you prefer. When I began rolling them to test, they all proved incredibly bouncy which is always a good quality to have in your dice set.

However, the issue with this set should be quite obvious from the picture above. At a quick glance upon rolling, deciphering the numbers can be tricky given the grain of the wood. It’s a minor issue unless you have vision difficulties.


The entire set itself is well-made (look at how big those d6’s are!) and I really do enjoy the smooth texture of the wood. Moving forward, I would recommend buying The Dice Box of Many Things from Artisan Dice simply if you are a dice connoisseur and can’t spend the extra dollar on a specific set of your choice – you’ll still get a gorgeous wooden set!

My favourite part of the whole set is actually the bonus d20. I am unsure of the wood used to make it, but the grain of it as well as its colouring really struck my fancy.


I am very happy I’ll be able to tote these around on game nights as my DM dice set from now on.

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