r-n-w Character Sheet Review

Dungeons and Dragons is a game of bountiful customisations from the storyline, to character creation, to how you write out your character. Some people are a big fan of digital sites or apps to track their character information like and others prefer to use official Wizards of the Coast sheets.

With all aspects of playing Dungeons and Dragons, I prefer individual customisation. The fallback to this is I have as much artistic talent in my whole body as most people do in their fingertip. Thankfully, wonderful artists like r-n-w, make custom character sheets for distribution and player enjoyment – and at a relatively low cost for an entire set that you can reuse over and over again!

Their set of 12 customised character sheets comes as a digital download, so accessible for everyone as long as you have the means to print them out. They also come in a PDF with form fillable options – which I do not recommend as with the drawings of the character sheet the typing doesn’t always line up.

For the sake of this review, I will only touch on the character sheets I have been able to use in play. The Ranger and the Monk.


Right away I love the way it looks. Smooth, thick lines, the shadowing is nice, and all of the very necessary information is immediately at your disposal. For this particular Ranger-specific character sheet it has some very useful sections such as “Ranger Archetype” and “Favoured Enemies” as well as “Favoured Terrains” and lastly “Fighting Style”.


What is immediately missing from the first page, for my ease of play, is a Feats Section. I always believe this should replace the “Equipment” section which should then be on the secondary page instead. How often do you need such easy access to your equipment instead of your abilities? For myself at least, not very.

The spell list has the Ranger spellcasting ability automatically inputted for you (Wisdom) and all the spell slot room a Ranger would ever need. It also has a neat little corner box for a picture of the Ranger’s companion along with its name which I thought was a really cute addition (though unnecessary for my Gloom Stalker Ranger, Aether).

The Inventory page is the same for all of the Character Sheets. It has a list specifically for up to 5 magic items, 4 potions/scrolls, another valuables section (with platinum, gold, electrum, silver and copper listed here), components and resources, tools and equipment, other possessions and trinkets.


This is by far my favourite thing about these sheets. Instead of lumping everything together in one big box, I love how organised with my items I can be now. Especially separating potions/scrolls from magic items.

Lastly, for the Ranger, we have a Role Playing sheet. This gives you the space to expand on bonds, ideals, traits, and flaws (which are also listed on the first Character Sheet), as well as character details, appearance, backstory, languages, and additional features and allies and organisations. It’s much like the official WotC Character Role Playing Sheet, just a different design with more space in the backstory area to freely write. I definitely like its setup more than that of the official sheets, but this is a sheet I rarely use myself.


As we come to the front page of the Monk Character Sheet, it’s customised in the same style as the Ranger. However, it’s sections that are specialised consist of a “Ki Points, Ki Save, and Martial Arts Dice” area as well as “Monastic Tradition”. Having Ki Points so readily available on the front page without having to scratch them in somewhere else is incredibly useful.


On r-n-w’s second sheet of the customised Monk Character Sheet comes “Way of the Open Hand” and “Way of the Elements”. Both clearly separated with all the sections for notes needed for both of them. I love the simplicity of it. The layout makes it so easy to read during play.


All-in-all, I love the r-n-w customised character sheets. From rifling through my download of all twelve of them, the inventory and role playing sheets are always the same (consistency with this I think is a good thing). The other two pages of the sheets are always customised to the class with every section it needs (other than feats, which is a loss almost all character sheets for 5e have in my opinion – I love feats!) laid out in a simplified, quick and easy to read manner.

Using r-n-w sheets have not only customised my play but has also allowed for ease of reference. It truly cut down on play time if I ever needed to look for something on my sheets because I knew exactly where it would be. I highly recommend r-n-w’s character sheets, especially for such a good price! They also have a lot of other wonderful products (those dice bags and dice!) including other organisation sheets for optimising your game play as a DM or a player.

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