Dark Elf Dice – Mini Dice Review

If anyone knows me, they know I adore dice!

Big ones, metal ones, intricate ones, plain ones, simple ones, unreadable ones, loaded ones, always-rolls-ones ones…each set of dice deserves its own love.

Seriously, though, the oddity of the dice obsession slowly loomed over me a few years of playing Tabletop RPG games. They were such a vital point of the game and they were at the centre of some of the most intense moments. As a d20 hits the table it can be the difference between slaying a dragon or being engulfed by its’ fiery flame.

Many tabletop gamers quickly become dice connoisseurs, and today, I will be touching on a very special set of dice for you.


This particular set is called the Ethereal Light Blue Glitter Mini Dice Set. When they first came in the mail I was amazed at how tiny they were! Firstly, the shipping was incredibly fast, less than a week, and I live in rural Canada. The packaging itself was secure and came with a discount coupon for feature orders.

They are roughly 10mm in size, incredibly light, and just…they’re just so cute and tiny!

I will be honest, I’m a bit in love with tiny things. I have tiny little hands and these dice are the only set I can fully fit in my palm so that excites me more than I can explain. Not to mention that their size makes carrying them to games much more convenient than you’re regular set of seven.


However, being so small, they’re a bit easier to lose track of so make sure to keep an eye on them and don’t let them roll off the table!

Now, I did some roll testing and they seem incredibly well balanced. And, surprisingly enough, they are much easier to read than most regular sized dice I own. Much easier. I love the weight of them, their smooth feel – they really seem expertly crafted and just so well balanced. They are hands down my favourite dice set I currently own; this includes my metal dice or elf dice which I thought I would always adore more than anything.

The best part about this set of dice is…they’re under $5 USD/set! I am slowly going to fill up my dice arsenal with this mini, baby dice now. They have a fantastic selection (though several are currently sold out) of the mini dice and I can’t recommend them enough.

Honestly, do yourself a favour and grab at least a set!

Mini Dice

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